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Spring Summer 2018

Eleventy chooses the magical scenario of Norcia’s Piani di Castelluccio for the spring summer 2018 campaign. An upland of the Umbrian and of the Marches A pennines that constitutes the bottom of an ancient lake, now dried out and known for its karst phenomenon.

A precious natural and cultural heritage, distant but still close to time itself, an emblem of a millennial relationship between man and nature that expresses the essence of Italy.

In this way the designs become part and parcel of uplands that extend as far as the eye can see, calcareous rocks, instruments bound to man’s work, and they tell the values of italianness through the sensibility of the photographer Natalino Russo that since forever has been documenting the lands of our country.

This Collection is inspired by the beauties of our country, beauties that move me, the ones that make me dream and make me proud of our Italy… Beauties that everyday give me the energy to create this timeless fashion…

Piani di Castelluccio, October 6th 2017

Marco Baldassari

About The Brand

In Italy we have a unique manufacturing heritage, and it’s our responsibility to protect it. This is why we have a network made up of 94 micro enterprises selected in every region of Italy, each specialised in a particular sector of production. Through this strategy of outsourcing Italian craftsmanship we can offer our customers all the quality and excellence of Made in Italy.

Responsible Luxury

Our ambition is to help the finest Italian manufacturing tradition to surpass itself. Our collections are indeed designed not only to satisfy the most exacting tastes, but more importantly to ensure that an increasingly large number of people worldwide choose the value of elegance for their everyday lives. This is the objective that we set ourselves from the very start, because we are firmly convinced that the future will have room only for ethical fashion.


Marco Baldassari is the creative director for menswear. Paolo Zuntini is the creative director for womenswear. It was their idea of responsible Made in Italy fashion, pivoting on ceaseless research into the textiles and the quest for a style that could meet contemporary demands, that gave rise to Eleventy..


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(925) 937-1808
1243 Broadway Plaza
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