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ISAIA spring  summer 2017


Sixty years of history from a Neapolitan company and a family. The start of this itinerary takes shape in the 1050s of the “short Century” where the economic boom and the refrain of “volare: by Domenico Modugano begin to become the hymn of an unexpected energy in imagining, trying and creating.

Isaia was born in 1957 in the wake of a great and proven experience in the fabric, matured in the draper shop of founder Enrico Isaia. Black and white photographs, affectionate and emotional memories, recall this magnificent adventure and its various developments over six decades, telling the story of the family for the next generations.

The Isaia collection for next spring/summer is almost the compendium of all this formidable universe of signs and inspirations. Linen, cotton, light weight wool, jackets are dressed in checks, and are screened in soft colors. A bouquet of light pink and red, translated up to a precious burgundy and pale blue in camaïeu, from gauloise to ivory to sky blue, next to nuances of olive and grass green.

But there are also shades of sophisticated and meticulous gray, white and ivory, rope and bright sand, glowing as if sun-drenched. A freshness that turns out to be extravagant, in the form of a print, a culture of doing and a knowledge, profoundly Neapolitan, able to speak to the world.

It also has plenty of space for sportswear, with blousons and Safari jackets in contrast colors with the vague flavor of the 50’s/60’s, also available in chestnut or cognac suede.

A resurgent classicism breathes in a totally young mood, redefining with elegance the nonchalance the heritage and the suggestions of a great technical, aesthetic and passionate heritage.






About Isaia

The beginning of a great Neapolitan story

A successful family enterprise that became an international business model. That is ISAIA, the Neapolitan high-end menswear firm. ISAIA was founded in Naples in the 1920s thanks to the intuition of Enrico Isaia, forefather of the family, who opened a fabrics store for the most renowned tailors in town. In later years, Enrico set up a small workshop next to the store, where skilled craftsmen made tailor-made men’s clothing.

In 1957 the brothers Enrico, Rosario and Corrado Isaia Moved the business to Casalnouvo, a village near Napoli where half of the residents were professional tailors. Within a decade Isaia became a veritable tailoring company and produced high quality garments for the most prestigious Italian shops.

Isaia’s history and success are based on the concept of made in Naples, a value meant both as neapolitan tailoring tradition and as exclusive product knowledge, esteemed around the world.

A value that is rooted in the company’s DNA and in that of all the people who are a part of it, as some have been for generations. In fact, Isaia produces its garments only and exclusively in Italy, at Casalnuovo di Napoli, subjecting them to severe quality checks during the many step of production.

The brand’s success is due to its ability to reinterpret the concept of history and to combine tradition with innovation, the sartorial culture of needle and thread with cutting-edge technologies, while constantly innovating its style.

– ISAIA website

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