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Luciano Barbera

Luciano Barbera Spring Summer 2017

“The philosophy of my collection is very simple: every man is unique.” – Luciano Barbera

With this quote as a sweeping finish, so ends the cinematic look into the lifestyle and purpose of Luciano Barbera. Luciano captures a blend of heritage, definition, individuality, and pure beauty.

Every Luciano Barbera item is Entirely Made in Italy. Our commitment to local production helps to ensure that the centuries-old tradition of artisanry in cloth remains. The foundation of Italian style lies in cloth and at Luciano Barbera that is our focus.

“Whatever code of dress you follow, you must be easy inside, never stiff. Sprezzatura means to knot your tie or wear your jacket in a natural way, leaving behind an effortless impression. The most forceful statement is understatement. This is the philosophy behind everything I do.”
– Luciano Barbera

Luciano Barbera History

In the early 60’s, Ugo Mulas of Uomo Vogue photographed Luciano Barbera. American fashion icon and founder of Louis of Boston, Murray Pearlstein saw these photos and contacted Luciano, interested in purchasing the Luciano Barbera collection. At this point in time Luciano was only producing and designing fabrics with the Carlo Barbera mill. With the encouragement and advise of Mr. Pearlstein, in 1971 he started producing the Luciano Barbera collection, with a specific philosophy: “Clothing for people who believe in individuality and intelligence”.

When Luciano speaks about elegance and the secrets of the ancient sartorial tradition, his audience is immediately charmed by his refined English-style gentleman qualities. Luciano believes that the care in the small details is what creates the ultimate refined garment. The collection, entirely manufactured in Italy, is aimed at the man and woman who distinguish themselves with class, without losing their identity. Since the 90’s Carola Barbera, Luciano’s daughter, showing a natural talent for fashion and style, has joined his father as a stylist. In 1992, in order to meet the ever increasing demands from prestigious American Customers, Barbera USA was founded, run by Michal Sestak on behalf of the Barbera family.

Our past drives our future: this new century starts with new fabrics, innovative mix and matches and with a more and more intriguing use of fibers and yarns. Carola Barbera is now at the helm and elegance becomes impertinent, more oriented to young generations, yet indelibly classic.

New markets in new geographical areas, such as Russia, Korea and a wider Europe, stimulate creativity and are convinced and enchanted by it. Luciano Barbera confirms himself as a unique Master in his field, with his way of renewing classical elegance, not betraying it but opening up new horizons. A new show-room is opened in Milan: where, if not in via Montenapoleone 13, the heart of the fashion capital of the world?

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