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Made To Measure

April 8th 10am – 7pm
Isaia Made To Measure Specialist

We are thrilled to have an Isaia made-to-measure specialist coming to Daskalos Fashions. Please stop by for some cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and to learn more about made-to-measure.

Appointments available Call (925) 937-1808 or email us.

How much time do you spend looking for the right suit? You want a one-button in pinstriped grey flannel with peaked lapels? Just open a custom book in the store. We have a deep selection of tailormade clothing and shirts. Take your pick of the best fabrics in the world, and we’ll have a handmade garment ready for you in less time than you might think.

It’s time to take a look at your options, time to express your individual style and taste, and, in some cases, time to step into a more specialized model. Our made-to-measure program is being used by our clients who recognize and want the very best. Yes, it’s both opulent and refined. Yes, it is for those who want a perfectly attired appearance. No, it is not out of your reach.

Are you afraid you’ll need several fittings? Roughly 80 percent of our custom-made suits fit perfectly as soon as they are delivered. For the others, we typically make very minor alterations here at the store. After that first suit, the manufacturer is alerted to any minor changes in measurements. And the next one? Often times it’s perfect. Repeat business is extremely strong once our clients discover the ease and amazing fit of a custom suit, trouser, or shirt. After a few times, just select the fabric and we’ll handle the rest.

made-step11. Preparation

Clearly articulate what you are looking for and give it some time. A great suit is not made overnight, but amazingly you will probably be taking it home within a few weeks. Review men’s fashion journals and tear out several photos of suits with the details you find appealing (a button here, a cuff there, a new lapel). Allow our sales staff to help you select a style that fits your body shape. There is always a difference between what you thought would look good when you saw it in a magazine and what actually complements your frame.

made-to-measure-bay-area-11842. Choosing the fabric and details

You will never meet another man with the same suit as yours. Some of our vendors only have enough fabric of a given pattern for twenty to thirty suits worldwide. A made-to-measure suit is made once and once only, for you. As a result, the suit becomes an expression of your individual style. In collaboration with our staff, you’ll find a suit that gives you a style that suits you best. We’ll help you with all your selections, and you can add the personal touches that will make it stand out: pockets, buttons, vents, cuffs, and linings. Whether you want one, two, or three buttons, a tapered waist, dark fabric, or lighter colors, we’ll walk you through the options and offer our advice. It’s a fun and creative process.

made-to-measure-bay-area-00423. A fitting for the perfect fit

We take a host of measurements (up to thirty-five for a suit and fourteen for a shirt) before the pattern is made and the fabric cut. We look at your natural posture and balance, unique to you, and tailor it into the suit. Careful notes and measurements are taken on everything from the slope of your shoulders to the width of your thighs. We may even take special note of the thickness of the watch you wear for left sleeve and cuff accommodation. Your measurements are sent to Italy, and your custom-tailored suit or shirt will come back to us shortly. A fitting in our store to fine tune the fit completes the final detailed adjustments. The result will be a suit that hangs perfectly on your body or a shirt that fits you to a tee.

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